Bigger, Better, Faster 
The ultimate in live linear video streaming

SuperCloud, Inc. is a cutting edge diverse content technology and rich media distribution company that offers a superior, secure way to manage and deliver digital video and data services from the cloud.


 SuperCloud, Inc. offers telcos a superior, carrier agnostic, five-screen mobile cable solution unlike any other mobile TV product. Our MobileCable™ solution is software driven, backed by sophisticated hardware infrastructure that is based 100% in the Internet cloud-- there is no hardware (Antenna) or app download required. 


SuperCloud, Inc. offers second- and third-tier cable systems the same carrier agnostic five screen mobile cable capability, plus a solution that enables them to provide their subscribers over-the-top video on demand, pay-per-view, and DVR capability with little to no equipment capital expense to the cable system. 


SuperCloud, Inc. offers a complete business-to-business (B2B) channel partner program designed for in-service and enterprise customers anywhere in the World requiring a secure, efficient and cost effective means of distribution to a target audience of any size, in real time, anywhere in the world. 


SuperCloud, Inc. offers Real Time Live multi-channel video streaming and Live Real Time mobile video along with its very own secure pay-per-view environment within a true 5 screen simultaneous setting. CloudChoice™ customer events -- concerts, sporting events, conventions, special occasions -- are provided via uninterrupted streaming capability and UNLIMITED scalability. Please contact us for labeling/co-branding and pre-recorded content options.